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Discover the Suzuki Baleno: A Blend of Style and Efficiency

Welcome to BB Suzuki Polokwane , Limpopo’s trusted Suzuki dealer, where the alluring Suzuki Baleno awaits to redefine your driving experience. The Baleno, a masterpiece of efficiency and design, perfectly caters to the discerning drivers of Limpopo, who seek a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and performance.

The Suzuki Baleno stands out with its sleek silhouette, modern design, and a spacious interior that defies the conventions of the compact car segment. Equipped with advanced features and a fuel-efficient engine, it promises a driving experience that’s both exhilarating and economical – ideal for the bustling streets of Limpopo and beyond.

Experience the Baleno’s innovative technology and unrivalled comfort at BB Suzuki Polokwane. Whether you’re commuting in the urban sprawl of Johannesburg or cruising through the scenic routes of Polokwane, the Baleno offers a smooth, responsive ride that makes every journey memorable.

Visit us in Limpopo to test drive the Suzuki Baleno today and discover why it’s the preferred choice for drivers seeking a car that combines practicality with a touch of elegance.


Is it your drive? Your spirit? Your choices?
Start with your car.
With the new generation Baleno, the path you walk and the successes you enjoy go that much further.
Wherever the journey takes you, the Baleno lets you arrive in premium style, with bold, innovative design, unmatched comfort, and leading vehicle technology for a world-class driving experience.

The all-new Baleno is equipped with sensational high-performance technology in a fuel-efficient package, so you can feel the power without feeling the burn. If you’re looking for an advanced and affordable car that gives you that feeling, the Baleno is for you.

1.5L Engine

Power meets fuel efficiency. This compact petrol engine produces impressive torque, with smooth performance and minimal noise for a spirited, comfortable drive.


The coupé-styled shape of the Baleno has been engineered piece-by-piece to promote fuel efficiency and quietness, evaluated in CAE and wind tunnel tests.

Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH)

Numerous noise-suppression measures have been put in place to ensure a quiet, comfortable drive.


Highly tuned suspension ensures that the Baleno corners with stability and handles responsively for a smooth and solid drive.

Fuel Consumption & Emissions

1.5 MT: 5.4l/100km and 127g/km C0
1.5 AT: 5.7l/100km and 133g/km C0



On-trend urban style and expert craftsmanship deliver a striking and bold hatchback that is as attractive as it is advanced. The coupé shape, elaborate front grille, chrome accents, and 3-point styled head- and rear lamps all contribute to the signature style of the Baleno.

Interior Envy

The Baleno’s interior embodies the word “premium.” The quality, workmanship, comfort, space, features, and technology incorporated into the Baleno interior make an impression on everyone who experiences it.


The New Generation Baleno offers advanced safety features which protect that both you and pedestrians, wherever you are. This leading safety technology comes standard on all models.

Rear-Parking Sensors

Ultra-sonic sensors in the bumper detect obstacles and issue audio-visual warnings to the driver.


The anti-lock braking system prevents wheels from locking in an emergency braking situation, allowing you to continue to steer the car.


The Baleno is equipped with front airbags, additional curtain airbags, and side airbags on the GLX model, to protect the driver and passenger in case of collision.


The Electronic Stability Program detects wheel slippage through wet or slippery conditions or sudden sharp turns and automatically adjusts torque and brakes to help the driver to maintain directional control.
*ESP is a registered trademark of Daimler AG

Hill Hold Control

During standing starts on slopes or hills, Hill Hold Control prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when the driver releases the brake.

Pedestrian Injury Mitigating Body

The Baleno’s bonnet, fenders, front windscreen wiper area, and other key areas are engineered to absorb impacts and reduce leg, and head injuries to pedestrians in the event of an impact.





The Baleno is available with 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, both optimised for an impressive balance of performance and fuel efficiency. The automatic’s straight-type shift pattern gives simple and effortless operation, while the manual transmission is light, smooth, and precise thanks to the convergent locating system.


The HEARTECT Platform gives a superior dynamic driving performance that’s highly efficient on fuel. Its light and rigid frame give better stability and performance while running, turning, or stopping, enhancing your driving experience. It also makes you safer: the smooth continuous curves disperse impact energy in case of collision.


Highly tuned suspension ensures that the Baleno corners with stability and handles responsively for a smooth and solid drive.


The Baleno’s interior embodies the word “premium.” The quality, workmanship, comfort, space, features, and technology incorporated into the Baleno interior make an impression on everyone who experiences it.

Display Technology that Raises the Bar

The new generation display features a 9-inch HD touchscreen (in the GLX) with Bluetooth ® audio playback, smartphone connectivity, voice recognition, multi-media display, and real-time vehicle status information.

It is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Head-Up Display (GLX only)

The combiner-type Head-Up display helps you to reduce your eye movements and keep your focus on the road by projecting a selection of critical information like speed and instant fuel economy.

360° View Camera (GLX only)

The Baleno GLX is equipped with four cameras – at the front, rear, and on each side – linked to the Display Audio console, giving you a 360-degree view of your surroundings when starting off or parking.

• 3D Opening View: Check your surroundings before you leave for safety.
• Top View: A bird’s eye view for safer, more confident parking.

Supreme Space

This coupé has a deceptively large luggage capacity, at 314ℓ*, and a removable luggage shelf gives you the flexibility to pack what you need.


The Baleno’s cabin is a clean design which affords you great space and storage, and the seating design is dedicated to driver and passenger comfort. It’s so comfortable, you may never want to leave your car.




Your car is an extension of you. Take a look at our wide range of car accessories to personalise your Suzuki – making your car suit your needs, taste and personality.